IN2 Solutions, Inc.

Michael Hiller | FEA Consultant

In2Solutions is a distinguished FEA services provider operated by multi-physics expert Michael Hiller. Michael’s technical expertise in the CAD/FEA software sales & Support channel offer an “insider” edge that most inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers are hard-pressed to find. His valuable experience allows him to comprehensively approach each project, ensuring current and future needs are met.

Our expertise & technology “levels the playing field” for our clients!   96% of top FORTUNE500 industrials use ANSYS software, and we have it and we’re ready to hit the ground running for you!

FEA Consultant

Through his work at In2Solutions, Michael provides immediate benefits as an FEA consultant. He performs FEA projects and trains, develops, and automates companies’ in-house analysis teams to improve efficiency. His work spans diverse manufacturing fields: Aerospace, telecommunications, marine, electrical, industrial, and more.

Custom Software Saves Time and Money

In addition to training and providing support in CAD and ANSYS, Michael develops custom application software macros through ANSYS FEA technology that cuts time conducting analyses. The time saved translates into both short-term and long-term savings for companies.

Advanced Mechanical Product Design

Michael’s career spans over 20 years of mechanical product design and analysis. He has proven his expertise in structural, thermal, electromagnetic, fluid flow CFD, cooling, and coupled field analysis. He holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering. Michael focused on advanced technologies like composites, superconductors, RF, and cryogenics while working in Industry and also while on loan for a year to Cornell University where his work was published. His education and manufacturing experience was later complemented by his PTC® and ANSYS® VAR expertise.

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