In2Solutions bought a seat of SpaceClaim!

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In2Solutions just bought a seat of SpaceClaim!   SpaceClaim is one of the newest and most powerful ANSYS products for Geom prep & manipulation.

We’ve used SpaceClaim multiple times in the last few months on both simple and complex geometries as well as assemblies.

We find that SpaceClaim is a very powerful and flexible tool to save time and improve mesh quality when developing FEA models.
Our SpaceClaim purchase will insure that In2Solutions has the full suite of advanced ANSYS geometry tools to support our clients & projects thru 2015 and beyond!

We now have a few month’s hands-on headstart with SpaceClaim, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to leverage it on a project with you soon!

Experts at In2Solutions can assist you with on-site and/or remote FEA needs!

We’ve honed our ANSYS skills in the manufacturing sector as well as in the ANSYS Software Sales/Distribution channel!    On a daily basis we prep models, mentor users, and deliver initial and/or complete turn-key simulation projects leveraging ANSYS MAPDL (classical ANSYS GUI and APDL), ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS DesignModeler, and now ANSYS/SpaceClaim!

Contact us today to make rapid progress with FEA!

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  • Scott M. reports that we saved them 2 years in ramping up ANSYS

    Scott M.
  • If you want quality work, look no farther. Mike will take care of you and any problems you have.

    Lindsey W. – Zebulon, NC