In2Solutions’ Mike H launched as On-Line FEA Author!

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Very pleased and excited to announce that over 50 ANSYS Workbench FEA lessons I wrote are now on-line at!

As you may know, SolidProfessor is the premier on-line CAD/FEA/CAE training provider!   You and your company can join the subscription service at  !!!

So check out and watch some free trial lessons and learn how to sign-up to benefit from the training, testing, and certifications available there!

And of course In2Solutions’ M. Hiller (author) is avail to provide consulting, training, mentoring, supplemental support that will greatly advance your product design and FEA process at your organization!   Contact Today!!    nine one nine eight 51  037three.

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    Lindsey W. – Zebulon, NC