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Pleased to report that we just worked on a special project with a customer to automate custom data extraction from his large advanced ANSYS Dynamic models. His SIMS are setup and performed in ANSYS Workbench, yet he needed about 720 pieces of data extracted and written to a text file each time. This data extraction would take about a full day of manual cutting & pasting, which was also too error-prone.

The client engaged In2Solutions to find a solution! We spent two partial days with the client learning his process and writing a re-usable APDL script to extract data from his three expected .RST files, and then perform some matrix/array calculations and then export the requested derived data to a time-stamped comma delimited (csv) TEXT file. We also wrote out a similarly time-stamped GRPH file with Plots for confirmation purposes.

Every time the client executes the 5 minute macro it will save his employer 7 to 8 hours of engineering time! Great ROI!

By working side-by-side with our expert, the client also started building his own APDL foundation!

Large or Small, In2Solutions never saw a problem we didn’t want to solve with ANSYS!
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