System Integration

FEA/CAE for On-Premises Compute | Cloud Solutions

In2Solutions designs and optimizes simulation compute resources to support & accelerate product development activities. The degree to which a company on-premises and cloud resources is based on their unique needs. An existing or new computer & HPC solution is not just a technical endeavor—it’s a collaboration. If designed properly, the computer/HPC solution will reduce simulation run-times, enable more iterations to find optimum designs with greater result resolution.

When your new or existing computers and/or network hinders simulation workflow and hence innovation, contact In2Solutions to improve and create CAE/FEA strategies & infrastructure to achieve your specific goals. We consult in system integration so your staff & infrastructures perform better. In2Solutions analyzes the past, present, and future needs of each client to reduce costs and risks during software/hardware procurement, installation,  usage, and upgrades.

In addition to FEA infrastructure conception and development, In2Solutions also addresses:

  • Application servers, fixed & floating Licensing, & elastic licensing
  • Computer Configuration for CAE/FEA.  HPC
  • File servers/Data Management/PDM
  • Remote access & Solve Capability
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Local & Distributed Client/Server solutions on desktops, clusters, Linux, and Windows platforms

Our clients benefit from a properly scaled and configured infrastructure. Productivity increases and clients experience scalable growth. Custom Intranet designs can be paired with our training services and our custom ANSYS & FEA plug-ins to maximize productivity even more. Our unique industry experience allows us to recommend infrastructure features that address challenges typically faced in corporate departments.