On-Site ANSYS FEA Training

If your team has challenges with ANSYS or you would like to refine staff skills, partner with In2Solutions for on-site ANSYS training. In2Solutions has prior re-seller and direct CAE software developer experience. This allows us to bridge the gap between ANSYS software developer and end-user. Our instructional services empower individuals to master the technology while at the same time benefiting from our software support background.

ANSYS training & mentoring can be as little as a refresher, to a comprehensive basics-to-advanced instruction. When new-hires or entire teams receive focused instruction on simulation software, companies experience immediate benefits. New-hires accelerate their training processes and teams improve productivity. Plus, since In2Solutions trains on-site there is no need for budgeting multiple teams’ hotel, meals, and transportation expenses. This is a significant cost-savings benefit as well as reduced disruption in staff workflow.

Partner with In2Solutions to minimize expenses and expedite your ANSYS training & staff development process. We offer standard and custom individualized courses to meet your needs:

  • ANSYS® FEA: Introductory courses, Structural NonLinearities, Heat Transfer, Electromagnetics, Flotran, etc. Our qualified instructor has taught at ANSYS®, Inc. since 1994.
  • ANSYS® Workbench FEA Structural, Modal, Thermal Simulation
  • DesignModeler for geometry repair, modification, and pre-processing for meshing

We also offer:

  • Mentoring and Productivity boosting “Tips and Techniques” seminars. (Full and half day programs available.)
  • Cross-training, variational studies, Design Optimization, and Data Integration. (Special topic courses.)
  • Basic CAE/FEA hardware & software configuration, management, and data management. (For Windows, Linux, Unix.)