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Digital Prototyping | Conceptual Designs

Product Prototyping

Digital prototyping is a detailed method that shows in advance how a product performs and fits. In2Solutions delivers 3D digital prototypes via CAD. Our designers provide rendered images, drawings, animations, and even 3D VRML (WEB) rotatable representations. These conceptual designs often become the keystone of marketing efforts, presentations to investors, and the patent protection process.

Conceptual Modeling

In2Solutions focuses on design functionality in a 3D mechanical design environment. Conceptual modeling allows us to predict a product’s performance early so that prototypes operate effectively. Designs are finely adjusted before a physical prototype is even made. Our process minimizes the burden on in-house teams and accelerates the physical product development process by providing refined conceptual models for manufacturers.

Rapid-Prototyping Technologies

After digital prototyping, In2Solutions can coordinate the fabrication of models through conventional and rapid-prototyping technologies. These physical prototypes are based on 3D CAD concepts and are created from plastic or metal. We can obtain prototype creations utilizing rapid or classic fabrication methods such as welding, milling, and stamping, or through exotic processes such as CNC, laser cutting, water jet, and more. Whether your team needs a single part or an entire assembly, discuss prototyping services with In2Solutions. Our prototyping technologies offer high-end, finished or unfinished samples with a quick turnaround.