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We are In2Solutions

In2Solutions provides a complete range of analysis-driven 3D design & Finite Element Analysis (FEA) consulting services, including structural, thermal, electrostatic, magnetic, and fluid flow CFD simulation. Our experts are on call for remote or on-site design & FEA work such as entire turn-key SIMS, staff and process development, and/or subtasks such as benchmarking, SIM setup, & preprocessing "meshing", etc. In addition to geom/prep/meshing and turnkey Simulation projects, leverage us for overflow work and special projects - - no need to hire additional staff and/or buy more software there! We accelerate innovation and SAVE YOU time & money!

In2Solutions operates with over 25 years of experience; providing FEA services since 1998. Our work is layered with higher education in mechanical and scientific fields, specialization in product simulation, and qualifications in FEA and CAD training. Our proven expertise translates into efficiency and savings for our clients.

When looking for an FEA consultant, few come with the credibility and experience found at In2Solutions. Our controlled modeling and structure analyses help companies meet their goals time and time again. In2Solutions delivers design and analysis to help clients meet their maximum potential on each project. We increase simulation accuracy and reduce analysis cycle-time by as much as 90%. We also help create long-term solutions. Today our clients still use APDL software plug-ins we created over 10 years ago. Read what clients say about their FEA consultation experiences.

Industries recognize our unique insider experience. We present at conferences, write training manuals, and design solutions for manufacturers of all sizes across the country. We work on-site and remotely.

Outsourcing to an expert can be more effective than hiring and supporting in-house part-time FEA team members. Companies have more freedom to streamline staff responsibilities by outsourcing design & analysis to our FEA experts. Call us at 919.eight Five one.0373 or complete our FEA consultation request form.

Design & Analysis Services
Our high=tech ANSYS FEA & CAE services accelerate innovation and reduce your overall cost and time-to-market


On-site Training Services
Our instructor will help your team quickly master the latest technologies.

What Our Clients Say

  • We have been pleased with your work.

    Tom B – RTP, NC
  • The ANSYS APDL macro developed by In2Solutions can be run stand alone in ANSYS or within Workbench as a snippet. It automatically ...

    Simon – Cary, NC
  • Thanks for turning all that stuff so fast, it was a big help and we couldn’t have done it without you.

    John S – Cary, NC
  • Scott M. reports that we saved them 2 years in ramping up ANSYS with their 6 engineers.  Scott reports the 2 year advantage was worth ...

    Scott M.
  • If you want quality work, look no farther. Mike will take care of you and any problems you have.

    Lindsey W. – Zebulon, NC