Team In2Tennis goes undefeated

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Team In2Tennis goes undefeated playing 4 matches mid-Aug at the WTT National Qualifiers (NQ)! In2Tennis wins a Bid to November 2016 WTT Nationals in Indian Wells California! The WTT League was founded by Billie Jean King and we hope to see her there soon!

IN2Tennis, sponsored WTT team going to National Qualifiers!

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In2Tennis will be playing in World Team Tennis National qualifiers (WTT NQ) mid-August 2016! Very proud of this mixed-doubles team! In2Solutions is very happy that we could sponsor and help this team cover some of their season's expenses! On an engineering note: It's really amazing how much technology is in a Tennis Racket!!! High-Tech materials, geometry, development, testing, processing are all bundled into a ...

In2Solutions renews commitment to Engineer’s Without Borders – RTP chapter!

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In2Solutions is very excited to again sponsor the local RTP Chapter of "Engineers Without Borders", EWB-RTP, with a December 2015 donation! EWB is known for delivering sustainable engineered solutions to 3rd World communities, for example, they've developed DIY systems that capture rainwater to provide residents with fresh water! Our sponsorship will help cover EWB-RTP's 2016 program & activities. Check out their website: and consider supporting them with a ...

In2Solutions expands the brand! Sponsoring a Winter Tennis Team

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In2Solutions, Inc is pleased to sponsor a Western-Wake World Team (Winter-league) Tennis team coined "In2Tennis". Won their first match of the 2015 Winter season last weekend, so we're hopefully for a fun and productive season!

In2Solutions bought a seat of SpaceClaim!

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In2Solutions just bought a seat of SpaceClaim!   SpaceClaim is one of the newest and most powerful ANSYS products for Geom prep & manipulation. We've used SpaceClaim multiple times in the last few months on both simple and complex geometries as well as assemblies. We find that SpaceClaim is a very powerful and flexible tool to save time and improve mesh quality when developing FEA models. Our SpaceClaim purchase will insure that In2Solutions has the full suite of advanced ANSYS ...

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