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FEA Design and Analysis

In2Solutions handles FEA design & analysis of a variety of products, including and not limited to: electronics, energy systems, consumer products, recreational vehicles, and aerospace.

How do we support innovation and cut time & expenses for product design and development? Our expert FEA consultants provide:

Design and Analysis Services. In2Solutions relies on its expert design and analysis services to reduce clients’ overall costs and time-to-market.  At your site or ours we get the job done faster and more accurately.

Custom Software Plug-ins. Professional, application-specific software plug-ins automate design analysis and accelerate cycle time significantly. Our experts have reduced times ten-fold and more.

FEA Meshing Services. In2Solutions offers a complete mesh generation service for FEA. These meshes may be optimized for simulation and help streamline preprocessing workflow. In2Solutions provides ready-to-use TET, Shell, Beam/Pipe, and Brick FEA models.  Our top-notch geometry editing utilizes ANSYS DesignModeler & SpaceClaim!

On-site Training & Mentoring. We help shorten the learning curve. Our clients’ teams enjoy boosts in productivity as a result of In2Solutions long history of training experience.

System Integration. In2Solutions’ system integration services involve designing optimal concurrent virtual-product-development activities via intranets and the internet.

Product Conceptual Modeling, Visualization, and Prototyping. Our designers model new product concepts using 3D CAD. We provide rendered images, drawings, and even 3D VRML (WEB) rotatable representations.

Whether you have a difficult model, a tight market deadline, or you simply need a reliable expert “on call”, In2Solutions can work with you to integrate a plan. As independent consultants we are flexible, and our diverse experience in multiple industries allows us to quickly learn a project’s scope and make actionable recommendations to keep projects on-time and within budgets.


  • Scott M. reports that we saved them 2 years in ramping up ANSYS

    Scott M.
  • If you want quality work, look no farther. Mike will take care of you and any problems you have.

    Lindsey W. – Zebulon, NC