Taught Custom ANSYS to Asian Attendees/Engineers!

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In2Solutions is very honored to have been selected to develop & teach a 1 day specialized ANSYS Primer class to an Asian Power Industry group that traveled halfway across the globe to attend a week of Pressure Vessel & HRSG training held in Raleigh NC.    Last week this group demonstrated that they like to work hard and eat well!   I especially appreciate them including me at their fancy “graduation celebration” meal!  Angus Barn, Yum!

Their week of custom training delivered great benefits & results for these Engineers as they routinely evaluate the remaining-life of expensive Power-generation equipment, so the training will pay for itself for years!   Excellent ROI.

Interested parties can contact In2Solutions.com for their own custom and std ANSYS training needs!   In addition to std ANSYS course offerings we often team with industry experts in order to deliver customized solutions for each sector.    Contact us today to learn how to get your FEA done faster and better.class-meal-w-george

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  • Scott M. reports that we saved them 2 years in ramping up ANSYS

    Scott M.
  • If you want quality work, look no farther. Mike will take care of you and any problems you have.

    Lindsey W. – Zebulon, NC